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If you're looking for a more natural weed control solution, we have a couple new products for you to try out. We talked about Pulverize in our Weeds article, and we now carry Green Gobbler 30% Vinegar. It is derived naturally from corn grown in the USA. It's six times stronger than over-the-counter white vinegar. It can be used for cleaning, gardening and laundry. It is powerful enough to treat mildew, rust, grease and soap scum. It's free of phosphates, sulfates, VOCs, petroleum solvents. And it does not contain chlorine, fluorine, ethoxylates, dyes or bleach. 

know you'd give just about anything a try to get rid of the sniffling, sneezing and headache that just won't go away. I use it for my daughter's allergies at the beginning of the season and it really seems to help! We put a teaspoon in with some tea in the morning and night and within a few days the symptoms seem to subside. We stock local and organic True Love Honey, Valley Honey and Rango Honey at most Paul's Ace Hardware locations! Come give it a try!

Honey* is a powerhouse of health benefits, both internal and external. It can sooth coughs, boost memory, aide with sleeplessness, provide nutrients, makes a great workout fuel, and may help metabolize alcohol - honey shots all around! It can also be used to treat cuts and burns and can help resolve scalp problems and dandruff! It has also been said that it can help relieve seasonal allergies and if you are an allergy sufferer, you 

Spring brings with it it's own set of gardening issues, from pesky little critters to feeding existing plants to starting a brand new backyard garden. Well, we have plenty of what you need to get started and keep going and one line of products we stock comes to us local and organic from Dave Owens' "The Garden Guy". From scorpion to weed control and rose to queen palm food, we have you covered. 

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Local Honey

*Information obtained by http://www.mnn.com & http://www.benefits-of-honey.com
*The National Institutes of Health report you should never consume raw honey, particularly if you are already immuno-compromised. It is also dangerous to give raw honey to infants under the age of one as it may cause infant botulism, a rare but serious gastrointestinal sickness caused by exposure to bacterial spores.