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Happy September to you! It's Labor Day month! Cheers to you and to (hopefully) some relaxation time for you. It is "Labor Day" after all. I hope you have some fun plans and beat the craziness of travel wherever you're going. Maybe you're staying local and will take in a little lounge by the pool, or a trip to one of our amazing lakes, or perhaps spending some time with friends and family? Anything to keep cool! I now I don't have to say it really, but it's been so unbearably HOT! Fingers crossed for more rain. I am so so so ready for Fall! My second favorite time of year officially starts on Friday, September 22, 2022 at 11:49pm pm MST  - I am totally excited AND counting the days! Then, the Holidays will be here! It's time to get those projects done that just didn't sound fun in this ridiculous heat AND those seasonal to-do's like planting your winter grass. Let us help you! Check out the September Red Hot Buys, make your lists and head on in to your favorite Paul's location to get the best help in the valley!