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Paul's Ace Hardware - Latest News - August 2016 

It feels like I was just praising the last day of school and all of the sudden, we are getting ready to send our little ones right back! Some of you might have even sent yours back already! Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT complaining :) I cannot wait to sing School Days to them as loud and as obnoxious as I can. It's one of my parenting traditions that I am most proud of. Try it! You're kids will love it! Trust me - haha! If you're really good, you might even try the #babygotclass parody which would be fun. If you do, please take a video and share it with me. That would definitely brighten my day.

I know what else brightens my day is the Neighborhood Coupon Sale going on the ENTIRE month of August at all 6 Paul's Ace Hardware locations! I/You/WE can stock up on the what we need, and maybe throw in a little of what we maybe-kinda-sorta need and then we will have saved so much money that we can get just a smidgen (or huge dash) of what we just darn-right want :) Check out our Calendar for more info! No matter how big and no matter how small, Paul's Ace Hardware has it all!