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It's February! Yippee! We also have the Super Bowl this month! Double-yippee! You know, my father in law went to Super Bowl 1, which was actually called the AFL-NFL World Championship. His ticket cost $7.50. Crazy isn't it. I just read that the average price per ticket for the upcoming Super Bowl is about $7,000, according to StubHub's analysis of tickets resold through their site. And then there are the fun ads to 

Paul's Ace Hardware - February 2020

watch. Did you know that just 30 seconds of ad time during the 2020 Super Bowl will cost $5.6 million dollars, according to the Hollywood Reporter. So crazy to me.

​​I can tell you that your next trip to your favorite local Paul's Ace Hardware store will most likely NOT cost you as much as going to the big game in Miami for the game, unless of course you want/need to spend that much and in that case, feel free!! Even if you did, you can rest assured that you are getting the best product at the best price from the best location and the best people, period. (We LOVE our Paul's Family, they are pretty awesome.)