If we don't have it, we will get it for you!

Here are some instructions for fertilizing and need to know facts to help you keep them healthy. Also make sure to harvest your fruit before it falls to the ground and attracts rats and other animals! These fruit pickers make it easy to get to all of that tall hanging fruit. Happy picking! and fertilizing!

Time To Feed The Citrus!

If you haven't looked at your citrus trees lately, do it now :) Especially since we aren't freezing right now, this is the time of year we start to get enough citrus from your tree you have made lemonade, orange juice, lemon bars, orange chicken, lemon meringue, lemon chicken AND you've brought in a large box or bag for your co-workers. (That all sounds delicious so if you have extra, you know, send it my way). 

It's not one of the 5 C's of Arizona for nothing! Hard to believe it folks, but it is time to fertilize!

There are three times throughout the year you should be feeding your citrus trees and the first time is now. Your fruit trees need food in February/March, May/June and August/September.​ A great fertilizer to use is one like Arizona's Best Citrus Food pictured here.