If we don't have it, we will get it for you!

Those pesky 8-legged creatures crawling around our backyards are making their way into our homes. Yikes! Even the picture here gives me the ebee-jeebies! Ask someone who has been stung by one of these guys (me!) it hurts! So we make sure we have what we need around the house to prevent them and take care of them when we see them.

The best place to start prevention is where they come from - your yard. Scorpions are nocturnal, but during the day, they find their favorite little dark crevice to rest. Under rocks, thick bushes and shrubs, palm trees.... So keeping your yard trimmed and clean and your bushes, shrubs and trees pruned eliminates a lot of those hiding/resting spots.

Next, take a look around your house and check for actual entry points. These guys can squish down to the thickness of a credit card to squeeze in places. Use caulk or weatherstripping to eliminate any points of entry.
Then, lay down a pesticide for crawling insects, ie. scorpion food. Even though scorpions can go for over 6 months without food, roaches, ants and even grasshoppers are a scorpions favorite delicacy. An insecticide that can kill spiders, insect and scorpions is Terro® Scorpion Kill Aerosol. It has a great flip-up straw for easy application in hard to reach places. So when you do finally see a scorpion in your home before you step on it, you can spray it as it scurries underneath the refrigerator, no problem. You may also consider investing in a UV Flashlight as scorpions fluoresce under a black-light. It's really pretty enlightening hunting for them at night with one; it can be amazing to see how many there really are.

Bark Scorpions in our area can be harmful to the very young and elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. Hopefully these tips will help protect yourself and your family from an un-welcome 8-legged guest with pincers and a stinger.

Scorpion Prevention