If we don't have it, we will get it for you!

Roger said:

Usually find what you need at Paul's. They have lots of helpers to assist you if you have a question. From lumber to BBQ, they have it all.

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Eric said:

ACE Hardwares are not all equal. I think this is the best ACE in the area. If you need something, you can find it here!

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Joe said:

I wish every store was run like this. Every time I come in, someone asks how they can help me, then they go above and beyond when they do. It's as if you went to your neighbor's house and asked for help. For example, I needed a new battery for my key fob. Not only did they help me find what I need, but they got it out and replaced it for me. This was Lizzy who did this and it literally took less than 2 mins. If you need any help, definitely come here

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Thank you!

Chris said:

This place is great. Friendly and knowledgeable staff who get to know your name, your business and what you’re there for. Not only that they know where the stuff is in their store and probably have someone working there that can tell you how to use it. I am a customer for life and I do currently recommend them to a lot of people and don’t see that changing any time.

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Our Favorite Reviews

Mike said:

Man, I'm new to AZ, and was excited to see a hardware store where people really know their stuff. I was in there looking for a specific screw for my desk. It had to be just about right. I went in, and a gentleman was at the front, I believe his name was Dan or something like that. He was younger but very knowledgeable. He was friendly, and when I said I was new to AZ, he welcomed me and hoped to see me more often. We walked over to the bolt area, and took a little time walking around. After checking several boxes, we found the one that would work. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to hardware or home repair in general. Coming into this Ace has me comfortable knowing I can ask questions and get answers. I was able to get in and out quickly and without issue, which is something I really appreciate! No need for the big boxes when I have an Ace like this. Thank you!

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Gary said:

My two curbside orders were picked and ready in no time. No confusion at the counter either. Found a few more things I needed and got through checkout very quickly. Place was clean and easy to navigate. Aisles are narrow but I am ok with that because it means more variety! Several people there to help and was asked if I needed it, twice. I'll buy here again. 

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